Divided Plates

We Might be Tiny Suction Stickie Plate as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Photo Credit - @harlow_and_ollie
Scarlett Tippy Toes stocks four different brands of Divided Plates. These include:
  • Bobo & Boo Bamboo Plates
  • Emondo Kids Bamboo Character Plates
  • Re-Play Recycled Plastic Plates
  • We Might be Tiny 'Stickie' Suction Plates

We have written from a detailed blog post discussing the key differences between these products including materials, costs, eco-friendliness & whether the product is toddler-proof. Our blog post can be viewed here

Bento / Divided Plates can have some great benefits for young children and can encourage your child to try new foods. They also make it easier for you, as a parent, to be creative with foods as visually appealing foods are more likely to be tried and eaten. 

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