Little Woods Shooting Star Teether as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes

Teething... one of the most dreaded stages we go through during the infant & toddler years.

At Scarlett Tippy Toes we stock a range of teether designs and brands so that you will find something that you love that is within your price range. Our range of teethers are from three different brands

What do these brands have in common? 

  • They are all tested to meet Australian Standard AS/NZS 8124, so you know you are purchasing a safe product
  • All silicone used is 100% food grade and free from nasties such as BPA, lead, cadmium, phthalates, PVC & latex
  • Beechwood used is of the highest quality, is natural & free from toxins
  • All teethers we sell do not contain any holes or openings that moisture might get trapped in. This significantly reduces the likelihood of mould and other nasties growing within the teether.  

When choosing a teether, you might like to keep the following points in mind

  • Silicone is lighter than beechwood, so you might find for a baby who is a young age (3-6 months), a silicone teether might be easier for them to grip. Also it is worth nothing that silicone teethers in particular shapes essentially have little handles for your baby to grip the teether
  • Contrasting textures such as a beechwood ring on silicone beads will give an extra sensory sensation for your baby. They will enjoy feeling the different textures and the noises that they are able to make from rattling the rings together. 
  • All teething products should be used under supervision and inspected before each use to ensure there is no damage to the product. If you find the product is damaged, please discard. 
We hope you enjoy shopping our range of teethers!