About Scarlett Tippy Toes

Candice from Scarlett Tippy Toes \
I am Candice, a Mum of 2 from Melbourne.
I love donuts and fried chicken (maybe not at the same time!) 
I love running and am dreaming of the day when I am fit enough again to run another Marathon (I did my first & only back in 2013 - pre kids). I probably need to run given the food that I love. 
Aside from my wedding and birth of my children, the greatest day I have experienced was seeing the Western Bulldogs win the Premiership in 2016.
I always love reading the book before seeing the movie and often apply the TV Show Friends to real life situations. 
After studying & working as an Accountant for a number of years I decided to try my hand at running my own business.
My vision was to curate a collection of fun, functional & innovative products aimed at babies, toddlers & preschoolers. 
Over time, our collection of brands has grown to over 30 and I hope this continues to grow. 
We aim to be a one-stop shop for both products for your own children as well as gift ideas. 
Scarlett Tippy Toes is my 3rd baby. I have poured my heart into this business. Every order that comes through Scarlett Tippy Toes is supporting my family, whether it be Scarlett's Gymnastics classes or helping to grow Tom's collection of cars & dinosaurs. 
Thank-you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy being part of our story.
Love Candice, Daniel, Scarlett & Thomas.