Swaddles & Baby Blankets

Snuggle Hunny Rainbow Baby Muslin Swaddle Blanket as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Is there anything more divine than a sleeping baby wrapped up? 
Whether you are purchasing as a gift, for an announcement photo or for everyday use, Scarlett Tippy Toes have curated a collection of swaddles and baby blankets that feature vibrant patterns, bold colours and gorgeous materials. 
There are two types of materials that our swaddles feature - cotton jersey or muslin.
So what are the difference between them? To be honest, it does come down to the material used to create them.
You will generally find that a cotton jersey does have more stretch and therefore can give a more 'structured' swaddle. 
Muslin uses a super soft weave and therefore is soft to touch and more breathable than a jersey cotton wrap.
In my opinion, muslin can be a bit more versatile with how it can be used.
Muslin wraps can be used as a pram cover, breastfeeding cover or even as a change mat when you are in a pinch (because trust me, we have all been there).
Both jersey cotton & muslin have their place but hopefully the above will give you a little bit more information as to which one you would prefer (you could also always get both types!)