Broadbrim Hats

Stripes Broadbrim Hat by Bedhead Hats as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Our range of Broadbrim Hats give great protection from the sun and are comfortable to wear. 
We currently stock two sizes of Broadbrim Hats by Bedhead Hats, however we do always recommend that you measure your child's head before making your purchase.
The sizes are 52cm (usually suitable for 2-3 years of age) & 54 cm (usually suitable for 3-6 years of age).
With this style of hat, we do recommend that if your child is towards the upper end of the size range that you do size up. Whilst these hats do have a small amount of stretch in them, it is not an excessive amount. 
Broadbrim Hats are available all year round in our core colours - Ash Grey, Steele Blue & Blue & White Stripes.
We also release Broadbrim Hats seasonally with different designs.
We also have a couple of Fedora Designs by Shady Orchard that have a broadbrim. 
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