Bucket Hats

Bedhead Hats Heritage Stripes Hat as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Bucket Hats are one of our most popular style of hats. With a brim that is designed to meet sun-smart recommendations, your child will also feel comfortable wearing this hat. That is a win in my books!
Bucket Hats are available from a newborn size (in limited styles) and we stock sizes up to 3-6 years old.
Along with a core range that is stocked all year round and is available at our entry-level pricing we will deliver new designs through out the year, including during Winter.
Our range of Bucket Hats by Bedhead Hats include our standard cotton version which you will find to be quite stretchy and our Heritage 'luxury' range.
You will also notice different features amongst our range of bucket hats.
  • Ponytail Holder
  • Ruffle Detail
  • Soft brims for younger children and a stiffer brim for older children to ensure the brim does not block their line of vision. 
As always, we always recommend you measure your child's head before making your purchase