The Great Divide - Learning about different Divided Plates sold at Scarlett Tippy Toes

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We Might be Tiny Suction Bear Plate in Blue as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
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Who else finds mealtimes to be a bit of a struggle? I am a Mum to a 4 year old (Miss Fuss Pot) and a 20 Month old (who loves to eat but also enjoys throwing food) so I have managed to encounter every sort of excuse from Miss. 4 as to why she cannot eat her food. Honestly, by the time dinner is done (which is sometimes over an hour), I am just bloody exhausted! It would have been easier to just make sandwiches. 
However, I am always wanting to encourage my children to try new foods, so having the ability to present them in a nice manner does result in a higher likelihood of the kids wanting to eat what has been prepared for them. Believe it or not, research shows that a child will have to try a food 10 times to really decide if they like it or not. So persistence is key! (I will also add that children mimic their parents so watching you eat a variety of foods will also help with this). 
Presenting meals in a Bento style by using a divided plate allows you to keep like foods together and avoid having different textures touching each other (which we all know is the number one excuse to not eat something!) Bento style is also quite visually appealing and if you have a slight flair with being creative (which is something I do not possess myself), you can make meals look like fun masterpieces with minimal effort. 
Re-play Recycled Divided Plates as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
At Scarlett Tippy Toes, we stock four different brands that feature a divided plate and whilst they are all amazing products (because I only stock products that I love), there are some significant differences between each brand and this means that they would be suitable for different age groups and children. 
We will look at six different categories to access each brand and we hope this will help you come to a conclusion as to what divided plate would be best for your child as well as taking into account what you value the most when purchasing a new product. 
1) Materials - What is the Product Made From?
2) Colours / Designs - Variety of Choices & Age Suitability
3) Toddler Proof - What sort of Pressure / Tantrums can the product withstand?
4) Cost - Value for Money 
5) Ease of Use & Cleaning plus can the product be Microwaved?
6) Eco Friendly - Does it use materials saved from landfill or new materials?
Bobo & Boo Bamboo Divided Plate in Dolphin Blue as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Category  Further Information
Materials Made from Bamboo with is combined with a small amount of binding resin
Colour / Designs Contains Five Compartments and Available in 2 Colours - Dolphin Blue & Flamingo Pink
Toddler Proof  Official Word - "We recommend you treat your Bobo & Boo goods like you treat your little Boos; thoughtfully, patiently, and with lots of love." If thrown, the bamboo plate should not shatter but they may chip or crack so most suited to older kids (from around 3 years +)
Cost  $19.95 per plate (as at 30/1/20) so is in our mid-range
Ease of Use / Cleaning Can be cleaned in the dishwasher however the plate is not microwave safe so food will need to be heated on a separate dish
Eco-Friendly  Yes! These plates are created from a by-product of the bamboo industry and minimal resources are used to finish the plate

Re-Play Recycled Divided Kids Plates as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Category Further Information
Materials Made in the USA from Recycled Plastic Milk Cartons, thus giving a second life to a product destined for landfill
Colours / Designs Available in a RAINBOW of colours. Currently 17 colours in the standard size and 15 in the adult size. Each plate contains three compartments. 
Toddler Proof These are made from plastic so they will withstand being dropped and thrown
Cost  At $6.20 & $9.50 (as at 30.1.20) these are our most affordable option. Which is a good thing as you will struggle to choose just one colour
Ease of Use / Cleaning Can be washed in Dishwasher and multiple plates stack for easy storage. These are proven to be Microwave safe BUT it is not recommended due to hot spots developing in food and possible staining from the heat (this is common with red sauce foods)
Eco - Friendly 

Yes! These are made using recycled milk cartons, therefore saving additional landfill from being produced!

 We Might be Tiny Stickie Suction Plates as Sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes

Product C - We Might be Tiny 'Stickie' Suction Plates

Category Further Information
Materials Made from silicone which is non-slip, food grade & free from nasties
Colours / Designs Available in 3 designs (Bear, Bunny & Cat) with 3 colours of each design. A total of 9 colours. Each plate contains three compartments. 
Toddler Proof A+ for Toddler Proof! These plates contain a super strong suction making it VERY difficult for your toddler to move their plate. If they happen to be able to break the suction, the silicone means that that plate with withstand being thrown onto rough surfaces
Cost  $29 (as at 30.1.20) so in the higher price range 
Ease of Use / Cleaning Another big tick here! We Might be Tiny Plates can be put in the fridge, microwave, oven & dishwasher. 
Eco - Friendly Yes - it is made from natural materials however these materials are not re-purposed so some of the other brands we stock might be more in aligned with your personal values   


Karri the Koala Emondo Kids Bamboo Plate as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes

Product D - Emondo Kids Bamboo Character Plates

Category Further Information
Materials Bamboo by-product which is pressure steamed and laminated
Colours / Designs 3 Designs  - Karri the Koala, Lizzie the Lizard & Rainbow. Bamboo is a natural grain so colour with vary between individual products 
Toddler Proof Bamboo may chip/crack when thrown against a hard surface. The rainbow plate is the only one in this range that contains a suction so that it is difficult for a toddler to lift from the surface 
Cost  Between $43 - $45 (as at 30.1.20) so in the high price range 
Ease of Use / Cleaning This product does require some TLC including regular oiling (further info is within individual product descriptions). Is not dishwasher or microwave safe. 
Eco - Friendly

Yes - uses bamboo by-products which was easily grown and farmed 

Hopefully the above information has answered some of your questions about our range of divided plates.
Some key information to take from this:
  • Bamboo, Silicone & Recycled Plastic are all materials which are eco-friendly and the brands we stock do not contain any hidden nasties and are all food-grade. Of all these materials, silicone is the easiest to maintain and can be used by all cooking methods. Bamboo does require some TLC to care for, so this is something you may like to consider. 
  • For a toddler / younger child having a suction on the plate can be an absolute lifesaver (especially if you have a child that loves to throw!)
  • Depending on the age of your child, they may not like having a character/cutesy plate so plain colours are great for this. 

To explore all our Divided Plates you can shop here 

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