Reasons We Love Connetix Magnetic Tiles!

Candice Farrugia

Connetix Pastel Square Magnetic Tiles

I don't like to play favourites at Scarlett Tippy Toes BUT.... I just love Connetix Magnetic Tiles and wanted to share with you some of the great reasons why these are a great investment for your child's play area

I actually discovered Connetix in March 2020 when we (like everyone else) was stuck at home. I ordered a set online hoping it would keep my kids entertained during those long days. What we discovered was a versatile product that both my 4 & almost 2 year old could enjoy. Over time we have continued to grow our collection of Connetix and become more creative with our play! Even now, 2.5 years on, our collection of tiles are played with most days.

Connetix Rainbow Mega Pack as Sold By Scarlett Tippy Toes
Reasons we love Connetix... They are perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

As mentioned, when I first purchased Connetix Tiles both my 4 years old and almost 2 year old loved them. Whilst it is important to note Connetix are recommended from 3 years of age, they can be used by younger children under strict supervision. 

However the surprise we got was that playing with Connetix Tiles got the whole family involved. Dad would help to build huge towers and Mum would get involved in helping to create the perfect boat. Sometimes we would challenge each other to see who could build the best creation with their tiles. Even my brother would sometimes use his engineering knowledge to build rainbows & bridges with the kids. Connetix Tiles always provide fun times for our family. 

Connetix Rainbow Ball Run as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes

Reasons we love Connetix... They are the ultimate Open-Ended Toy!

There is no right or wrong way to play with Connetix. Your child's imagination will drive how they want to play. This means that Connetix Tiles do not serve a single purpose only, but multiple opportunities to play. Your child will enjoy being able to imagine a scenario and use the tiles to design play around that narrative.

Connetix can even be incorporated with other toys. Connetix Tiles have been garages for my son's matchbox cars, houses for his Paw Patrol pups and even a playground for our wooden peg dolls. 

Your children will not get bored of them because Connetix Tiles can be so many things! 

Connetix Magnetic Triangles in Geometry Pack as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes

Reasons we love Connetix... Educational opportunities galore!

When playing with Connetix Tiles as a group your child will develop their social skills such as teamwork, compromise & problem solving

They will develop their motor & creative skills as they continue to challenge themselves to build even bigger. The bigger the build the more thought that needs to be put in to make sure the structure has the right support. Half the fun is when the tiles tumble over and beginning again!

Connetix tiles will encourage learning about numbers, colours & patterns. They can even be used as a tool in home learning. You can even use whiteboard markers to write on the tiles which adds an element of fun to counting & spelling.

Connetix Magnetic Car Bases as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes

Wanting to start your Connetix Collection?

If you are new to Connetix we recommend either the Mega or the Creative Packs as a great starting point.

These packs provide a great range of colours and shapes to start your collection. There are currently three different colourways available in the Connetix range - Rainbow, Pastel & Clear. You may prefer to stick to one colourway or mix them all up. The colours do go well together!

There is also great expansion options such as ball runs, ball run expansion sets & base plates. Whilst you do not NEED to have all the expansion options in your collection, they do each add a different element of play. Over two years we have continued to grow our collection and I am always excited to see what other options will be available from Connetix in the future!
You can shop the full Connetix range here 

Images have been provided by @x_macy_and_ollie_x

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