MontiiCo Bento Five - Unicorn Magic

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The MontiiCo Bento Five has been designed with versatility in mind

MontiiCo's Unicorn Magic print is a delicate Unicorn print on a hot pink background

MontiiCo Lunchboxes have been designed to be a perfect match with other products in the MontiiCo range such as lunch bags, backpacks, drink bottles & much more. Whether you want a set that complements each other or have a contrasting set, there are so many combinations you can create with our extensive MontiiCo range

Unicorn Magic Bento's are available in a Five, Three & Two

Looking for a perfect match? 

  • Shop the Unicorn Magic backpack, lunch bag, pencil case & sticker set
  • Unicorn Magic looks awesome with our Calypso & Dusk Fusion products
  • Check out our Dawn lunchbox accessories to complete your lunchbox 

Features of the MontiiCo Bento Five:

  • Bite-size portions so perfect for kids for love to 'graze' or can be too busy to eat
  • Great for fussy kids as five compartments mean foods will not be touching each other
  • Measurements - 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 5.6cm
  • Capacity - 980ml / 4 cups of food
  • Weight - 347g
  • Sandwich Test - Fits one sandwich in one compartment if crusts are cut off and cut into four squares
  • Child-Friendly Latch making it easy for kids to open their lunchbox without assistance
  • Five Leak-proof compartments make it easy to store wet & dry foods within the lunchbox without risk of spoiling (please read further information about this)
  • Better for the environment as you will reduce the amount of packaging used and you will be able to buy in bulk thus saving you money
  • Fun designs which will make your child feel excited for lunch & snack time
  • Dishwasher safe on top rack up to 40c

Packing Instructions

The seals of the Bento Lunchboxes are designed to stop the transfer of wet foods that have the consistency of tub yoghurt. This does not include products such as pouch yogurt (much thinner than tub yoghurt), salad dressings, soups or sauces.

In order to pack your child's lunchbox and ensure no transfer of foods between compartments please follow these simple instructions

  • Only use food that meet the recommend consistency as detailed above
  • If your are packing foods such as tinned fruit or fruits such as watermelon, ensure all excess liquid is drained or cut fruit on a paper towel to catch the liquid. If you are wanting to test if a certain fruit will be 'leakproof' place the food in an empty lunchbox, close the lid and stand on its side for 10 minutes to test
  • When using each individual compartment, leave a 5mm gap between the food and top of the compartment. This will ensure the lunchbox lid is able to close properly allowing the seal to engage
  • Once you have finished packing the Bento Lunchbox, close the lid and latch. Place your palm on top of the lid and give a firm push to ensure that the seal is engaged. You might want to also teach your child this step so they can close the lunchbox correctly during the day

MontiiCo Lunchboxes are not designed to keep foods cool or hot. Any hot foods should be cooled before packing into the Lunchbox as this can cause steam & condensation, thus spoiling other foods in the lunchbox.

We recommend the following if you are storing food for a longer period of time during the day

  • To keep lunches cool, the use of a MontiiCo Lunch Bag with Ice Pack will keep food fresh even in the warm weather of summer
  • If you are wanting to keep food hot - our range of MontiiCo Insulated Food Jars will provide an appropriate solution for you 

Care Instructions

  • MontiiCo Lunchboxes are made from durable, hardwearing & BPA Free materials. However wear & tear from use over time is a normal part of any product. Wear & tear or damage caused by drops are not a fault of the product and therefore will not be covered under manufacturer's warranty
  • MontiiCo Lunchboxes should not be used in the microwave, oven or freezer
  • When not in use, lunchbox should be stored with the lid open. This will allow the seal & compartments to fully dry and reduce the likelihood of mould growth. Mould growth is not covered under manufacturer's warranty
  • Lunchboxes should not be left in the sun for a prolonged period of time

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