We Might be Tiny Bendie Straws

We Might be Tiny Bendie Silicone Straws as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Make milkshakes, smoothies and other drinks so much more exciting for kids with our We Might be Tiny Silicone Bendie Straws. We love them because they will make toddler drinks less messy and are also eco-friendly. That's a winner!
Using a food-grade, high quality silicone you can ensure there are no nasty chemicals in this product and they are durable so will last for years to come. They are also a little bit wider as well so that small chunks of fruit that may have not blended completely will still be able to be sucked up by the straw.
Our We Might be Tiny Bendie Straws are available in two palettes of colours 
  • Sun & Sky (Blues & Greens)
  • Earth & Bloom (Pinks & Purples)

All We Might be Tiny Bendie Straw packs also come with a stainless steel cleaning brush to make it easy to clean the inside of the straw.


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