Make Me Iconic Australian Wooden Vehicles
One of the most popular toys for children are wooden cars, trucks and other vehicles.
Children love to imitate what they see in real life so playing with cars helps children to develop their social skills, imaginative play and continue to learn about the environment around them.
Playing with vehicles will also help to develop your child's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 
Playing with a variety of vehicles will also develop your child's vocabulary. They will learn anything from colours, numbers, car parts and so much more. They will also learn about cause and effect - what happens when you stack a few cars, crash one car into another, how a car speeds up when it is going down a ramp - the possibilities are endless.
We stock a combination of vehicles including cars, vehicles that are used by different occupations and vehicles that are inspired from other countries.  We have also included other products in this collection that feature the theme of cars which we are sure the true car enthusiast child will love.