Tender Leaf Wooden Toys

Tender Leaf Wooden Dinosaur Toys as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Tender Leaf Toys take great pride in their social & environmental responsibility in all parts of their supply chain. 
One of the focal points of the Tender Leaf Toy range of wooden animals which are available at an affordable price point allowing parents to be able to build up a lovely collection based on Dinosaurs, Farm Animals & Ocean Animals. 
Tender Leaf complete the full manufacturing process in their factory to ensure they have full control over the process.
All toy products meet the European, American, Australian and New Zealand standard safety of toys according to EN71, ASTM and AS/NZS ISO
Tender Leaf Toys encourage play in a natural playing environment and have a focus on children's development. All Tender Leaf products feature gorgeous designs and vibrant colours. The products are high quality and will be able to be passed down to siblings & friends. 
All products are made with Indonesian Rubberwood which is a by-product of the rubber industry. A great eco-friendly option