Snuggle Hunny Kids

Snuggle Hunny Kids have created a beautiful collection of baby swaddles and baby wrap blankets that are of high quality for an affordable price. 

Snuggle Hunny products make wonderful gifts for expecting parents at their Baby Shower or are perfect for when you first meet the new baby. Snuggle Hunny pieces are beautiful and will be forever treasured.

Snuggle = to settle, comfort and soothe, something that all Mothers love doing for their baby. 

Hunny = The creator of Snuggle Hunny Kids is of a Maltese background (as am I) and in Maltese a common term of endearment is Hanini which is translated to "my darling.'' I remember growing up my Nanna and Nannu always referring me to Hanini so it is a wonderful memory to have connected to this brand.

We are proud to be a stockist of Snuggle Hunny gifts and to provide such a lovely option with for your own babies of to give as a gift for a new arrival.