Re-play Recycled Plastic Snack Stacks

Replay Recycled Plastic Snack Stacks as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes

Re-Play Snack Stacks is one of the most portable and handy products to have when you are on the go or even just to have snacks ready for when you are at home. When you purchase a snack stack you will receive two storage pods and a lid. The pods have a leak-proof seal so you could even use them to store yoghurt. 

Multiple snack stacks can be purchased and used interchangeably or to add more compartments. They are many ideas of foods you may be able to include such as dried fruits, small biscuits, dips, cut up vegetables and so much more. 

Affordable & durable, these are perfect for everyday use. and for out & about. 

Re-Play Snack Stacks are freezer & dishwasher safe. Re-play products have been tested to be safe in the microwave (with the exception of items that include plastic valves) however we do not recommend using these products in the microwave as certain foods may stain the products and there is a possibility of of hot spots occurring in  foods. 

Re-Play Snack Stacks are 14.6 cm tall with a 7.5cm opening when lid is not on. This is the measurements when the two storage pods are stacked onto each other. 

Made from recycled milk jugs (HDPE recycled plastic) & recycled FDA approved polypropylene in the USA. This innovative product uses milk jugs that have been collected from roadsides in the USA and then recycled into these products. 

BPA, PVC, phthalates and surface coatings free.

Please note - to allow for any colour combination of Re-Play products to be ordered, items are sent free from standard retail packaging.

Pack of two storage pods and 1 lid will all be of the same colour. Clear Travel Lid & Spare Lids are extra accessories. 

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