Play (Age 0-1)

Fat Bra Whirly Squigz
During their first year, you will find that your baby will love exploring different sounds and textures and all objects (especially those that they are NOT meant to play with) will be an exploration for your baby.
When curating our collection of products for babies to explore through play, Scarlett Tippy Toes have kept the following in mind.
  • The safety of your baby is our number one priority. We only sell products that have been made & tested to Australian Safety Standards. We know all babies like to mouth objects (this is their way of touching & exploring) so we ensure all products use non-toxic materials. 
  • Having said that, we always recommend that all play objects are used under adult supervision. We also recommend that all toys are inspected prior to each use to ensure there are not breakages that may pose a danger to your baby. 

We hope your babe will enjoy the sensory experience that these products will bring. 

Please note that all teething products have been listed separately, even though you may consider these play objects as it allows baby to explore new textures.