MontiiCo Shopping Bags

MontiiCo Reusable Shopping Bags in Fun Patterns



Have you been in the situation when you get to the Coles checkout and realise, once again, you have left the shopping bags in the car? This is me most of the time!

Enter MontiiCo Shopping Bags. Now available to purchase individually so you can mix & match your own set! 

Each bag measures 37cm x 62.5cm meaning you will be able to fit lots of groceries in them. 

MontiiCo Shopping Bags are made from RPET Fabric - which is recycled plastic bottles!

Some further features of the MontiiCo Shopping Bags:

  • Reinforced handles meaning you can load the bags up
  • Wide opening & large size making them versatile for carrying a wide range of products  
  • Bags are easy to keep clean
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