MontiiCo Out & About

MontiiCo Mega Insulated Food Jar in Coal
Our range of MontiiCo also includes products to help you whilst you are our & about
  • MontiiCo Insulated Food Jars

Meet our new range of MontiiCo Insulated Food Jars. Perfect for keeping food toasty warm or as cool as a cucumber when you are hot & about or for school lunches. 

The Insulated Food Jar features a flip-up handle making it easy for little hands to open up and to carry in their hands. Plus a silicone base completes the Food Jar to keep it in great condition. 

  • MontiiCo Shopping Bags

Have you been in the situation when you get to the Coles checkout and realise, once again, you have left the shopping bags in the car? This is me most of the time!

Enter MontiiCo Shopping Bags. These Shopping Bags come in a set of three and fold up nice & easily so you can keep the pouch in your bag

MontiiCo Shopping Bags are made from RPET Fabric - which is recycled plastic bottles!

We believe that our range of MontiiCo Reusable products for Out & About will help you to keep your food protected and ready to eat but you will love that you are also making an environmentally sound decision with your selection.

MontiiCo - Making Fun & Rad Reusable Products