MontiiCo Drink Bottle Accessories

MontiiCo Silicone Drink Bumpers for Mini & Original Drink Bottles as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
At Scarlett Tippy Toes, we have a number of accessories available for your MontiiCo Mini & Original Drink Bottles.
  • MontiiCo Bamboo Lid - Our Original Drink Bottles come with a Bamboo Lid. Our Mini Drink Bottles come with an easy sip lid. The Bamboo Lid can be used for both bottles. The Bamboo Lid will make the Mini Drink Bottle into a Handbag Hero - the perfect size to stash in your handbag when you are on the go.
  • MontiiCo Silicone Drink Bumpers - These Bumpers will slip onto the bottom of your Mini & Original Drink Bottle to help provide extra protection for your drink bottle. Bumpers are available in a wide range of colours
  • Sports Lids - Provide a more steady stream of water compared to the easy sip lid. The Sports Lid does contain small parts therefore if you choose to use this product for children under 3, adult supervision is required.