MontiiCo - Bento Three

MontiiCo Rainbow Roller Bento Three Lunchbox
Have you heard the exciting news? Little Lunchbox Co have been rebranded to MontiiCo. Still the same awesome lunchbox but now with the added bonus of being part of an incredible range of lunch bags, backpacks and other Back to School products. 

What do we love about MontiiCo Lunchboxes?  
  • Easy for young children to open
  • Fun colours & designs
  • Bento style to help keep food separated as well as reduce reduce wastage
  • Different options for snack time and lunch time
  • Fits inside the Original MontiiCo Lunch Bag alonside a Bento Two or by itself in a Medium MontiiCo Lunch Bag 

Bento Three - Fuel your child for a long school day

  • The same size as the Bento Five however contains three compartments
  • One larger compartment gives more lunchtime food options
  • Measurements - 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 5.6cm
  • Capacity - 1,000ml
  • Weight - 343g
  • Sandwich Test - Fits a whole sandwich flat with crusts off or overlapping with crusts on

*Brand in product title reflects the branding used on the lunchbox as we are currently transitioning away from Little Lunchbox Co to MontiiCo branding*