Little Lunchbox Co - Bento Five

Little Lunchbox Co Bento Five
What do we love about Little Lunchbox Co?
  • Easy for young children to open
  • Fun colours & designs
  • Bento style to help keep food separated as well as reduce reduce wastage
  • Different options for snack time and lunch time
  • Fit inside the MontiiCo Lunch Bags which we also stock

Bento Five - Designed for versatility

  • Five leak proof compartments so you can have a greater variety of foods.  
  • Bite-size portions so perfect for kids for love to 'graze' or can be too busy to eat
  • Great for fussy kids as five compartments mean foods will not be touching each other
  • Measurements - 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 5.6cm
  • Capacity - 980ml
  • Weight - 342g
  • Sandwich Test - Fits one sandwich in one compartment if crusts are cut off and cut into four squares
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