Jack N' Jill Dental Care (Natural & Organic Toothpaste & Toothbrushes)

Jack and Jill Dental Care Logo Toothpaste as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Jack N' Jill had its beginnings in Melbourne with an aim to fill a gap in the market due to the lack of dental hygiene and personal care products available that were truly safe for children. 
Jack N' Jill Toothpaste was created with the idea in mind to have a toothpaste that was free from additivies and chemicals so that if a toddler accidentally swallowed some (which we all know will be the case)! Ticks the boxes of being safe, fun and eco-friendly which are all things we love at Scarlett Tippy Toes!
Jack N' Jill branding featuring different animals is fun for young children and is appealing enough to be on display in your bathroom. 
Jack N' Jill continue to expand their range keeping the key ideas of safe, fun and eco-friendly in mind.
They have created the first children's Bio Toothbrush which has a handle made from NON GMO Corn Starch, making this bio-degradable and recyclable. This sits alongside the 'first teeth' range which includes Baby Gum & Tooth wipes to clean the littlest of teeth and teething gel to get through those painful day when your baby or toddler is cutting a tooth. 
Jack N' Jill pride themselves on using organic ingredients with minimal packaging whenever possible.
We hope you enjoy the Jack N' Jill Range of products which are available through Scarlett Tippy Toes.