Emondo Kids - Bamboo Dinnerware for Fussy Eaters

Emondo Kids is the creation of Sharon Hunter after she was tired of every meal time being a battle with her toddler daughter, Ellory. 

She decided that if she could create dinnerware that was both child & parent friendly, promoted interaction and had a sense of fun then her daughter would become more interested in her meals, thus reducing wastage and mess.

The ultimate goal of Emondo Kids products is to create good eating habits and a positive relationship for children to have with their food.

Emondo Kids products will help you to enjoy preparing meals and will also allow you to be creative as these products are designed to showcase all foods during mealtimes.

Emondo Kids uses FDA approved sustainable bamboo & food grade materials. Emondo Kids is an Australian Owned and Designed business. All products are lightweight, durable & anti-bacterial. 

Tell us a bit more about Bamboo?

Bamboo is actually one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Bamboo is easily able to tolerate its environment and therefore can be easily grown and farmed.

To turn bamboo into gorgeous kid-friendly plates, the bamboo is harvested and cut into strips. It is then pressure-steamed so that any bugs will be removed. There will be a certain length of time this is done for as the longer it is steamed, the softer & darker that the bamboo becomes. Finally a lamination process will take place which is done using several pieces of the bamboo. This does not involve any formaldehydes or glues which ensures your Emondo Kids products is free any any hidden nasties. 

As bamboo is a natural fibre, it will naturally lose moisture over time. Therefore, to maintain the quality of this product, it is important to retain the moisture within the bamboo. We stock Fractionated Coconut Oil which can be sprayed or wiped over the Bamboo product which will help to retain the moisture of the product. 

Please refer to individual product listings for further information about caring for your Bamboo product.