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We Might Be Tiny Rust Stickie Bowl and Matching Utensils
At Scarlett Tippy Toes, we stock utensils from a wide range of brands to ensure you find the perfect set for your little one. Below we have detailed some of the key points from each brand that we carry 
Emondo Kids Cutlery Set - Made from wheat straw, these are a degradable product whilst being lightweight. These also come with a carry case so that you can take your cutlery with you and avoid using disposable products. This is a three piece set with a fork, spoon & knife. This set is more suitable for older children and can also be used by adults. 
Little Woods First Tensils & Sili Spoons - Made from Silicone these are perfect for when your child starts solids as these will help to assist them in learning how to feed themselves
Lunch Punch Bento Set - Designed for Bento Lunchboxes, these are the perfect size to put in your child's lunchbox. Easy to store and carry to and from school. 
Replay Fork & Spoon - Made from recycled milk cartons in the USA, we have 17 colours to select from. These are at such an affordable product that you will be happy to buy multiple sets. These are best used once your child is confident in handling cutlery
Replay Infant Spoon - Made from recycled milk cartons in the USA, these infant spoons are made with a small scoop making them suitable for when your child is commencing solids. These can be used both by the parent to feed their child or by the child to feed themselves
We Might be Tiny Fork & Spoon - Made from silicone meaning they will be gentle for young children and coming with a travel case, these are perfect for feeding you little ones on the go. Currently available in six colours.