We Might be Tiny Blue Dusk Stickie Silicone Plate as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Eating is such an important milestone for babies and it is something that will continued to be explored as your child grows up.

As Scarlett Tippy Toes, we want to stock products that are Fun & Functional to your child's journey with food.

Some of the stages you might currently be at with your child (or something to look forward to)
  • Starting Solids (whether you choose Traditional Weaning or Baby Led Weaning)
  • Encouraging healthy eating and introducing a wide variety of foods
  • Packing lunches & snacks to take with you when you are out & about or for your child to take to Kindy or School
  • Keeping food fun and having your child get involved in the preparation of food

Brands that we stock within the Eat category include

  • Bobo & Boo
  • Emondo Kids
  • Little Woods
  • Lunch Punch
  • MontiiCo 
  • Replay Recycled
  • Subo
  • We Might be Tiny

Healthy eating habits are formed with encouragement and showing your children the right choices through your own eating habits. 

We look forward to be part of your child's journey, regardless of what stage they are at.