Clearance - Bedhead Hats

Bedhead Hat Construction Bucket Hat
Bedhead Hats - Hats for Little People that Really Fit
In the past year, Bedhead Hats have expanded their range to include the Heritage Collection - a more luxurious hat and a swim range. 
Bedhead hats have been tested on the overall hat design to ensure that they provide the greatest protection to your little one. Most hats in the market are only tested on the fabric. All hats that are designed by Bedhead Hats have achieved a rating of UPF50+ Excellent Protection as in accordance with Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS4399.

Some more key points about Bedhead Hats:
1) Anti-flop brim - innovatively designed brim insert to stay out of eyes. No matter how many washes - the brim will not flop. 
2) Child Friendly Prints - which will make your child want to wear their Bedhead hat.
3) Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex jersey that makes the hat soft, stretchy & cool. 
4) Sizing starts at a tiny 37cm so that baby can get use to wearing a hat from an early age. 
5) There are four different designs of Bedhead Hats to suit the activities of babies and children at various ages.