Visit to Collingwood Children's Farm

 Scarlett feeding ducks in Attipas Grey Cutie

Scarlett playing with the ducks in Attipas Grey Cutie

Scarlett's favourite song in the past few weeks has been 'Old McDonald had a Farm.' Although Scarlett's idea of a farm includes a Tiger, Monkey and Elephant! Clearly too many visits to the zoo. So we decided to try something different and head to Collingwood Children's Farm to visit some real farm animals. 

Located within a stone's throw of the Melbourne CBD, this is a great place for city people to have country experiences. 

Some of the activities that were on whilst we were there today included milking the cows, patting the guinea pig, feeding the farm animals (which included pigs, goats, ponies and sheep) and getting up close and personal with the variety of chickens that were there.

Scarlett patting a goat in Attipas Cutie Grey

Scarlett getting up close with a goat wearing Grey Attipas. These kept her feet warm and were easily washed after our adventures at the farm. 


We did note that there were rides with ponies and tractor rides available but these activities were not on the day we visited. There is also a market that is held on the second Sunday of each month which I am sure I would have loved to browse around has we had been there for it. 

Scarlett loved running around the farm and the highlight for her would have been mingling with the ducks and feeding the goats and ponies. We went on quite a cold day and it did get a bit windy so would highly recommend wearing lots of warm layers.

We did bring the pram with us but Scarlett barely used it as she was having to much fun running from animal to animal. Whilst most families here used prams, if I had a younger child my preference would be to use a carrier as it was a bit hilly and the pram wheels got quite dirty (given we were on a farm).

Scarlett and her Dad feeding a horse in Attipas Grey Cutie

Scarlett feeding a horse with the help of her Dad.

There was also a cafe onsite but by the time we were ready to eat lunch we were a bit cold so ended up eating elsewhere so we could be inside. 

Collingwood Children's Farm is a great experience for younger kids wanting to experience farm animals and interact with them. It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours in the morning and would highly recommend it.

Peacock at Collingwood Children's Farm

Peacock hiding in the bushes

Collingwood Children's Farm is located at 18 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford 3067

Limited car parking available on site for a hourly fee                                      

Entry prices - Adult - $10 & Child - $5 (We did have a voucher from the Entertainment Book so we got buy one get one free for our entry)

Website -

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