Baby Swaddles - How do I Decide Between Jersey Cotton & Muslin?

Candice Farrugia

Snuggle Hunny Dusk Muslin Wrap as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
When my first child was born in 2015, I remember one of the first things I had to teach myself (aside from breastfeeding, changing a nappy and a million other things...) was how to use a swaddle. As a first time Mum, I actually was not aware of some of the great benefits of swaddling.
Today, I will share some information about swaddling plus explain the differences between the type of swaddles that are stocked at Scarlett Tippy Toes. Please note that the information expressed below is from my own experience with my two children. Babies are never a one size fits all, so what may have worked for mine, may not necessarily work for all babies. However, what I do hope is that you will learn some new information about swaddling and understand the different uses behind cotton jersey & muslin wraps. 
Snuggle Hunny Safari Animal Swaddle as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Tell me why we swaddle newborn babies?
Swaddling a newborn baby creates a environment for them that replicates their Mother's womb. One phase that is sometimes talked about after a baby is born is the fourth trimester. This period of time is for 12 weeks after baby is born and is a significant adjustment for both Mother & Baby as the baby adjusts to life outside the womb. Whilst being carried inside their Mother's womb, baby would have felt warm and secure. Their hearing of the world would be muffled (think 'white noise').
Once entering the world, baby is not able to comprehend that they can be separated from their Mother. In their mind, they are attached to their Mother. 
Those first 12 weeks will be spent feeding, changing, sleeping & repeat. It can be a tiring time but by creating an environment that replicates the womb by swaddling your baby when they sleep, you might find they will sleep longer and have a more restful sleep.
It is very important to keep in mind that every baby is different. I remember there were some days that my daughter refused to be out of my arms and I found a baby carrier came in very handy for this so I could at least get some things done, whilst she slept. There will always be times that baby does not want to be away from you. During these times a good book or Netflix is imperative. However hopefully whilst riding out these rougher times where bubs only wants you, there will be times where baby is happy to sleep for a few hours whilst being swaddled.
Snuggle Hunny Lemon Jersey Wrap Swaddle as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Tell me about Jersey Cotton vs. Muslin Swaddles
At Scarlett Tippy Toes, we have chosen to stock Snuggle Hunny Jersey Cotton & Muslin wraps/swaddles. 
We found that there is a great range of designs available in both patterned prints & solid colours with new designs being added each season. We also love that this is an Australian business so as well as supporting my family through your purchases, you are supporting another family business as I purchase all stock wholesale from Snuggle Hunny Kids.
Jersey Cotton Swaddles are slightly thicker than a Muslin swaddle and have more structure. Because the material is a bit more structured, you will find that it is easier to achieve a swaddle as the material will not move around as much whilst wrapping baby. Given it is also a thicker material, a cotton jersey swaddle will have a bit more warmth than a muslin cotton one. A cotton jersey swaddle also makes a great little blanket for when you are out and about. They can fold up quite small so can easily be stashed in your handbag or nappy bag.
Muslin Cotton wraps are thinner & softer to touch when compared to a jersey cotton wrap. Because of this softness, they are a little bit harder to work with when wrapping your baby but with a little bit of practice you will be well on your way. Muslin wraps are more breathable so great for warmer days when you are still wanting to swaddle baby. I always found having a muslin wrap in my nappy bag to be quite handy, even beyond the fourth trimester
  • Could be used as a breastfeeding or pram cover
  • Hang in car window on warmer days for long drives
  • Could be used for baby to sit/lie on at the park so they were not directly on the ground.
  • In a pinch, the muslin wrap can be used to mop up spit ups as they are machine washable
  • As a change mat cover when using parent rooms

I am sure there are probably 101 uses for muslin wraps that I have not mentioned, but the one thing to remember is that they are a versatile product. 

Snuggle Hunny Australiana Muslin Wrap as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes  

Hopefully, I have been able to assist with explaining some of the benefits of swaddling and some of the key differences between the different types of swaddles that we have available.

Whether you want a beautiful, high quality swaddle for your own baby, as a gift, to capture that perfect introduction shot or for everyday use, we are sure you will find something you love within our range. 

As always, we are available to answer any of your questions you have about the products that we stock.

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