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Subo - The Food Bottle is an innovative product that assists with feeding toddlers and young children home-made nutritious food whilst being on the go. 

Subo is an Australian Owned Company and Australian Made product, which means you know that you are purchasing a high quality product. 

Subo - The Food Bottle is BPA and Phthalate free. It is advised that Subo should not be used in the microwave and foods going into it should be puree or mashed. Recommended foods include yoghurts, smoothies, pureed fruits and veggies and soft breakfast cereals mixed with milk. You can also load frozen food into the Subo and allow it to defrost in the Subo, making it suitable for keeping food cooler on warm days however the Subo itself should not be frozen. 

To keep Subo clean, it should be taken apart after each use and cleaned in warm, soapy water. A bottle brush will make it easier to clean. 

Subo can hold 210ml of food, however as it has an adjusting platform, you can use Subo for smaller quantities of food. You can refer to the final image to see step by step instructions as to how to use the Subo.

Some of the benefits of Subo include:

- Can be used for both home made foods or food purchased in bulk (such as large tubs of yoghurt)

- Subo can be used anywhere however as always please supervise your child whilst they are eating food.

- Subo will significantly reduce mess as the sprout goes directly into your child's mouth.

- Is environmentally friendly as you will reduce your usage of single-use products and plastic.

- Food is able to be sipped and not squeezed, thus reducing the risk of mess.

- A quick way to give your child a snack or meal on the go without the need to clean up immediately.

Subo is available in three fun colours:

Benji (Blue Center with Yellow Top and Bottom)

Monty (Icy Mint Center with Grey Top and Bottom)

Penelope (Pink Center with Teal Top and Bottom) 


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