Little Woods Silicone First Tensils - Spoon & Fork (Suitable from 6 Months of Age)

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First Tensils are the perfect tool to help teach your infant or toddler to self-feed.

First Tensils can also be used by parents to feed their child.
First Tensils come in a set of 2, with a shallow spoon on one end that allows for the appropriate amount of food to be scooped up. The unique fork on the other end helps to pick up food, even those difficult kinds of food such as pasta. Having both utensils on the same tensil means that your child can use this 2 in 1 tool to tackle all different textures of food. 
Using Baby-led and self feeding methods can help to encourage independence in you baby and given them the confidence to learn to eat their own food. 
  • Easy care as silicone is durable, stain resistant and does not harbour bacteria. It is soft to touch so will not irritate gums whilst bubs is feeding themselves. The silicone material is anti-slip making it easier for your little one to grip.


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