Little Mashies Bento Box

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The Little Mashies Bento Box is perfect to be able to send a variety of foods to childcare, kinder or school with your child.

The platter style of the bento box allows your child to pick what they want to eat and makes it fun with the help of the cute monster graphics. 

The Bento Box contain six compartments of various sizes and some ideas for suitable foods include:

- vegetable sticks (such as carrots, celery, etc) with dips

- chopped up fruit

- salads

- sandwich or wrap containing a protein portion

- treats such as popcorn, biscuit or corn chips.

There are many ideas for lunch ideas, the sky is well and truly the limit.

Dimensions - 22cm x 18.5cm x 5 cm (hold approximately 4-5 cups)

Weight - 700 grams

Features - leakproof silicone seals in lid, BPA free, dishwasher and food safe.

Removable inside tray with child safety lock so kids cannot easily remove.

Will fit most standard lunchbags (recommend to measure before purchase)

Please note - Little Mashies Bento Boxes are not suitable for liquids such as water, juice or anything with a consistency less than a thick yoghurt. If you want to use a runny liquid, it is recommend to use our Little Mashies Reusable Pouches (available in 2 or 10 pack) 

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