Jack N' Jill Bio Toothbrush

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Get your toddler excited about dental care with Jack N' Jill Tootpaste and other dental products.

The Jack 'n; Jill Bio Toothbrush has rounded nylon soft bristles which will aid to clean your toddler's teeth in a superior manner. The ergonomic handle is designed so that it is easy for your toddler to grip and the animal characters help your child to get excited about caring for their teeth.

The handle is made from 100% corn starch, which means that the handle of the toothbrush can be put in your compost. If you would like to do this, please ensure that you break off the toothbrush head and dispose of the thoughtfully. 

The Bio toothbrush will usually take 1 year to break down in compost, a much better alternative for plastic toothbrushes which would be part of land-fill for millions of years. 

 We know your child will love looking after their teeth with Jack N' Jill products. 

Toothbrushes should be replaced every 8 weeks, if not earlier. 

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