Hevea Natural Rubber Classic Dummy with Duck Design (Symmetrical Teat)

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Introducing Hevea 100% Natural Rubber Latex Dummies - People & Planet Friendly Production.

This Hevea dummy is made from a natural rubber with no colouring. The shield of the dummy features a duck design. The teat on this dummy is a Symmetrical teat. Please refer to the images to see the shape of this teat. 

All Hevea Dummies are free from plastic and are made from a natural & biodegradable rubber. As this are a biodegradable product they are completely plant-based. 

Hevea Dummies feature a seamless design meaning that making them hygienic and easy to clean. They are a soft and gentle product on your babies face and feature uniquely designed ventilation holes.

Some great features about Hevea Natural Rubber Latex Dummies

  • No PVC, BPA, phthalates or artificial colours
  • Soft and gentle on babies face
  • Uniquely designed ventilation holes
  • Hygienic solid design - eliminates bacteria
  • Ergonomic butterfly shape provides space for nose & chin
  • Prevents vacuum around the mouth
  • Approximate Size of Dummy - 4cm x 6cm x 5.5cm

Important note about the usage of Hevea Dummies

Please note, that due to the use of natural rubber, Hevea Dummies will stretch with use. Therefore if you do purchase new dummies and compare them to used ones of the same size, you may find that the new ones will be smaller than the older dummies. You may also find that over time the colour of the dummy changes. The significance of these changes is dependent on a number of factors including 

  • How hard child sucks on the dummy
  • How long that dummy has been used
  • Whether the dummy is part of a rotation of dummies
  • How it has been cleaned

At Scarlett Tippy Toes, we recommend that to prolong the life of your child's dummies that dummies are used in a rotation of 3-4 dummies. The dummy should be changed once a day, cleaned and allowed to air dry to prolong its life. 

If a dummy is used individually you can expect it is last for 6-8 weeks but this will be dependent on the points listed above. 


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