Bedhead Wet Bag in Watermelon Print (Waterproof Bag for Kids Swimming)

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Bedhead Wet Bag in Watermelon Print (Waterproof Bag for Kids Swimming)

The Bedhead Wet Bag is perfect for helping to get damp items home from the beach or pool without saturating everyone else in your bag. All you need to do is wring out the water and then put into your wet bag,

Wet bags can have many uses which may include:

- Containing wet bathers, swimmers or hats after fun at the beach or pool so that all other possessions do not get wet. 

- Use for MCN's (Modern Cloth Nappies) whilst out & about so help contain odours until you are able to get home to rinse the nappies

- Use for dirty clothes or "accidents" when you are out and about with your young child.

- Use whilst travelling to carry toiletries so that if any spill during transit, the liquid will hopefully be contained to the Wet Bag.

- Use within in the same nappy bag for multiple children to keep items for each individual child separate so they are easy to grab when needed. 

There are many uses for Wet Bags but  you will find them to be such a versatile item to have in your home and they can be used for many purposes. 

Bedhead Wet Bags are made from 100% Polyester with Waterproof Lining and they are able to be washed on a gentle cold water machine cycle.

The Bedhead Wet Bag measures 24cm wide and 34 cm long. It can easily hold a pair of swimmers, a rash vest and hat.  

For a matching set, you can pair the Bedhead Watermelon Wet Bag with a Beach Legionnaire or Bucket Hat in the same design! 

Please note:

Leaving damp items in Wet Bags for an excessive period of time can cause colours to bleed, cause musty odours or mould. Please ensure all items are removed from your Wet Bag within a reasonable time to avoid this from happening. Airing out your Wet Bag between uses is also a good idea. 

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