Baby Shusher

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Baby Shusher is distributed in Australia by Things 4 Bubs as featured on Shark Tank Australia.

The Baby Shusher uses a rhythmic "shush" which helps the baby to remember what it was like being inside the womb. This type of sound has been proven to be comforting to a baby and hence why the Baby Shusher may assist with helping baby to sleep.

There are two timed options on the Baby Shusher - 15 or 30 minutes and you are also able to to control the volume of the shush. It is important that the shush is louder than your baby's cry, therefore the volume control will assist with this. 

Baby Shusher is also versatile and compact. It can be kept in the nappy bag and used anytime. Perfect for both at home and when you are out and about with baby.

The Baby Shusher has featured in the following publications:

- Mother & Baby Magazine (October 2017)

- KidStyleFile (November 2016)

- BW Magazine (November 2016)

The Baby Shusher has also featured in Keeping up with the Kardashians and Australia's The Living Room. 

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