Bobo & Boo Bamboo Dinnerwear

Bobo & Boo Dinnerwear as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes

Bobo & Boo are an Australian based business selling bamboo dinnerwear. This range of dinnerwear is made from natural, renewable and sustainable materials, all Bobo & Boo products are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Why choose Bamboo products over plastic?

Plastic products are not only bad for the environment but they are also bad for people, even BPA-free plastics. Plastic products contain chemical plasticisers that are also endocrine disruptors. This could cause many health issues. With this in mind the Bobo & Boo Bamboo dinnerwear range has been created. Thus reducing the amount of plastic your family comes into contact with.

Bamboo is both natural & eco-friendly. Here are some reasons for this:

  • It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world
  • It only requires a minimal amount of water to grow
  • It is a naturally resilient plant that does not require pesticides
  • Bamboo is natural and bio-degradable

Bamboo is such a great natural resource that leaves a minimal footprint on the environment. 

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