Bedhead Hats Sizing Guide

Bedhead Hat with Hearts as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
No child's head is exactly the same as someone else. In order to ensure an accurate fit, it is best to always measure your child's head before making a purchase. Whilst size guides do still contain an age indication, these are an indication only. No refunds will be provided for purchasing the incorrect size. 
In order to measure your child's head you can use a soft tape measure. if you are having difficulty getting an accurate measurement you can use a ribbon and then compare this to a soft tape measure.
Bedhead hats (Standard Range) are stretchy and can grow up to 4cm,therefore purchase the size closest to their head size. This means that if your child's head measures 41cm, you will purchase 42cm as the hat is able to stretch to 46cm, giving plenty of future wear. Purchasing the next size up would block your child's vision and would be too large.
Please note - if you are looking at purchasing a Bedhead Hat from our Heritage range, although these hats still use a stretchy cotton they are slightly more silky than the standard range. If your child is getting towards the upper range in the head measurement, it is recommended that you do size up.
My 10 month old as an example comfortable fits a 6-12 month hat in the standard range (with room to spare) but in the Heritage range he wears size 1-2 years as this gives him a bit more room to grow. 
Sizing for
Baby Bucket (Classic Style suited to prams and carriers)
Legionnaire (Super Stretchy & the best style for babies/children who hate hats)
Age Guide (This is approximate only) Head Measurement
Birth to 3 Months 37 cm
3 - 6 Months 42 cm 
6 - 12 Months 47 cm
1 - 2 Years 50 cm 
2-3 Years 52 cm
3-6 Years (Legionnaire only)

54 cm

Sizing for 
Girls Bucket (Ponytail hole with an anti-flop brim)
Classic Bucket (Classic Style with anti-flop brim)
Age Guide (This is approximate only)  Head Measurement
2-3 Years 52 cm 
3-6 Years 54 cm

 Sizing for Winter Beanies

 Age Guide (This is approximate only) Head Measurement
0-3 Months 37 cm
3-6 Months 42 cm 
6-12 Months 47 cm
1-3 Years 52 cm 
3-6 Years 54 cm 


If you do have any concerns around sizing, please feel free to drop us an email -