MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bags

MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bag in Pink as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes

Introducing our MontiiCo Silicone Pack & Snack Bags which have a variety of different uses.

Use them to carry snacks with you out and about but you can also use at home for smoothie prep, single-serve leftovers, leftovers that are single serves, the possibilities are endless. 

MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bags keep food fresh for longer. 

Each bag measures 16cm x 12cm. Bags have a firm close making them airtight. Bags are freezer, microwave & dishwasher safe. 

MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bags are made from a BPA free, non-toxic, 100% platinum food-grade silicone. 

Some further features of the MontiiCo Pack & Snack Bags:

  • 400ml capacity
  • Handy handles for easy opening 
  • Comes in a set of two bags - 1 x Slate Blue & 1 x Clear
  • Keeps snacks fresher
  • Reusable

MontiiCo Snack Bags comes in a set of two with the following colour combinations available

  • Slate Blue & Clear
  • Rose Pink & Clear 

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