Lunchboxes, Lunch Bags & Accessories

Collection of Little Lunchbox Co Lunchboxes
At Scarlett Tippy Toes, we stock a range of lunchboxes, lunch bags & accessories.
Whether you are packing your child's lunch for their school day or a morning out, we know our products will help to keep your child's food fresh and cool for extended periods
We stock the following brands within our lunchboxes, lunch bags & accessories range
Little Lunchbox Co Lunchboxes & Bento Cups - Little Lunchbox Co Lunchboxes come in three different configurations - Bento Five, Three & Two. The different configurations make them suitable for a variety of food combinations and times of day (lunchtime vs. snack time). We have included more information about this here
Lunch Punch Bento Fork & Spoons - Lunch Punch Bento Fork & Spoons are a mini size making them perfect for fitting into school lunchboxes. Available in a range of colours. 
Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters - Make sandwiches for school fun with our range of Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters. Designed to cut a shape into the majority of the sandwich, thus reducing wastage, these sandwiches cutters are such to delight your child. More information can be found here
MontiiCo Lunch Bags - Made with durability in mind, MontiiCo Lunch Bags come with an Ice Pack that will stay frozen for hours to keep your child's lunchbox cool. MontiiCo Lunch Bags are machine washable (and this is recommended to prolong the life of the Lunch Bag. MontiiCo release new Lunch Bag prints periodically so keep an eye out for new releases. MontiiCo Ice Packs are also available to purchase separately.
More information on MontiiCo Lunch Bags can be found here 
MontiiCo Food Jars - MontiiCo Insulated Food Jars are an additional accessory you might like to include in your child's lunch box set up. Insulated food jars can keep food nice and toasty or as cool as a cucumber for up to 5 hours. MontiiCo Food Jars are easy to keep clean and require minimal preparation to keep food warm. You can learn more about the range here
Subo Food Bottle - An innovative product that is designed for smoothies, yoghurts & other purees. The Subo Food Bottle will keep mess to a minimum and allows you to ensure food is nutritious. The Subo Food Bottle can packed alongside your child's lunchbox. More information about Subo can be found here