Lunch Punch - The Sandwich Cutter

Superhero Lunch Punch as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes


Want to make lunchtime more exciting? Why not try the Lunch Punch!

These sandwich cutters are specifically designed to capture the majority of the bread from your child's sandwich. They are also taller than a standard cookie cutter therefore making it easy to cut through a whole sandwich.

The Lunch Punch uses safe materials such as USFDA approved food-grade plastic, and are BPA free, phthalate free, lead free and PVC free so you know that they do not contain any nasties.

The Lunch Punch is designed with kids in mind and are safe for little hands to use. Therefore allowing your child to get involved in helping to prepare their lunch will make them much more interested in eating it!

Lunch Punch can be used for other food products besides sandwiches. Try them for pancakes, fairy bread, fruits such as watermelon. You can even use them for craft activites with play-doh and sand play. Once they have been finished being played with you can put them in the diswasher! Nice & easy!

With the Lunch Punch, less is indeed more. You will most likely find it easier to use the Lunch Punch with less spreads and fillings on the sandwich. You might find it easier to punch the shape out and then add additional fillings as required.

The best method for getting a clean shape from your Lunch Punch? Use the Lunch Punch with both hands and press down firmly into your sandwich. Flip the sandwich (with cutter still imprinted) over and use your fingers to press into the finer details. Peel the crusts and outside parts of the sandwich away and then pop out your sandwich using your fingers or a bread knife. Too easy!

We do find that a smooth bread such as white or rye will give the best results.

So come on, let;s make lunchtime sandwiches fun again! 


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