Little Lunchbox Co

Little Lunchbox Co Lunchboxes in Blue Snowflake
For quite some time, we had a number of customers asking when we would be stocking Lunchboxes. We have been selling Lunchbox accessories for quite a while - Lunch Bags & Drink Bottles but having Lunchboxes available to purchase was the missing piece.
Given that we are a store aimed at the baby, toddler & pre schooler age bracket we were looking for a lunchbox that met the following criteria
  • Easy for young children to open
  • Fun colours & designs
  • Bento style to help keep food separated as well as reduce reduce wastage
  • Different options for snack time and lunch time
  • Fit inside the MontiiCo Lunch Bags which we are a stockist 

We think that Little Lunchbox Co fit the above criteria

There are three styles of lunchbox available which are detailed below

Little Lunchbox Co Bento Five

Bento Five - Designed for versatility

  • Five leak proof compartments so you can have a greater variety of foods.  
  • Bite-size portions so perfect for kids for love to 'graze' or can be too busy to eat
  • Great for fussy kids as five compartments mean foods will not be touching each other
  • Measurements - 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 5.6cm
  • Capacity - 980ml
  • Weight - 342g
  • Sandwich Test - Fits one sandwich in one compartment if crusts are cut off and cut into four squares

Little Lunchbox Co Bento Three

Bento Three - Fuel your child for a long school day

  • The same size as the Bento Five however contains three compartments
  • One larger compartment gives more lunchtime food options
  • Measurements - 17.5cm x 17.5cm x 5.6cm
  • Capacity - 1,000ml
  • Weight - 343g
  • Sandwich Test - Fits a whole sandwich flat with crusts off or overlapping with crusts on

Little Lunchbox Co Bento Two

Bento Two - Small & Mighty (Perfect for Snack Time)

  • A smaller version of the Bento Three & Five
  • Has two leak-proof compartments plus a moveable divider (this is not leakproof) so you can divide one of the side sections into two
  • Measurements - 12.3cm x 12.9cm x 5.6cm
  • Capacity - 500ml
  • Weight - 195g
  • Sandwich Test - Fits one sandwich in one compartment if crusts are cut off and cut into four squares

Little Lunchbox Co Bento Cups Dividers

Accessories - Bento Cups

Bento Cups are an additional accessory that can be purchased to complement your lunchbox.

Bento Cups are available in a range of colours and in two shapes - square & rectangle

Bento Cups will assist with holding smaller portions of food within a larger divider - keeping the food in place and fresh all day long

General Information about all Little Lunchbox Co Products 

  • Bento Lunchboxes and Cups are dishwasher safe on top rack and less than 60c
  • All products are BPA free - no nasty chemicals
  • Latch on Lunchbox is child-friendly making it easy for them to open without assistance
  • Compartments are leak proof (please refer to detailed information within each product listing for further explanation of this)
  • Our MontiiCo Lunch Bags will fit a Bento Five or Three alongside a Bento Two