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Attipas Marine Navy Prewalker and Toddler Shoes as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes

Scarlett Tippy Toes has curated a collection of fun & functional products for your baby, toddler & preschooler. 

Attipas pre-walker and toddler shoes was the first brand stocked by Scarlett Tippy Toes and it was my love for Attipas shoes as a parent that started my journey with Scarlett Tippy Toes and continuing to source amazing products for parents and their children. 
So what does Attipas mean? Atti means "my precious friend" in Korean (the country of origin for Attipas) and Pas means "step" in French.
Attipas shoes are affectionately known as a shoe sock because they combine the best elements of both a shoe and a sock for toddlers.
The rubber sole contains breathable, fine holes which help to release heat. The design also features a wide toe box so that your child can move the front of their foot freely and this will aid in cognitive & motor development. 
The sole also non-slip and contains grips which allow your child to feel confident on their feet.
For children when learning to walk and beyond, it is best for them to be barefoot. This is best for development. However, we know there are some situations that this is not practical. Therefore Attipas is the next best option. 
By using a sock for the "top" part of the shoe, a lightweight & supportive shoe is created that encourages a barefoot walking style whilst still protecting little feet. 
Attipas shoes were designed based on 7 years of research from Seoul University in Korea. They are referred to as a ''walking science."   
You will also love the convenience of Attipas shoes. With the exception of the Ribbon range, all Attipas styles can be washed in the washing machine on a cold or 30c cycle. You may like to put the shoes in a dedicates bag but this is not required. It is recommended that Attipas are air-dried. Due to them being lightweight they will usually dry overnight.

Here is some lovely feedback we have received about Attipas Shoes:

"Really love these attipas shoes! My daycare even asked me about them to be able to recommend them to other parents. Great for starting to learn to walk and for walking. Used them for my daughter and will continue to use them for my son. Thank you!" Cat, Facebook Review

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