Christmas Gift Guide - Toddlers

Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers
Learn a bit more about the items I have selected to feature in our Christmas Gift Guide - Toddlers (1-3 Years) 

1) Q Toys Natural Wooden Gems - Stack them, line them up or incorporate them into small world play. The possibilities are endless with these.

2) Replay Dinnerware - Made from recycled milk cartons, our replay range is a great option for toddlers as it is durable and available in a rainbow of colours. Pieces are sold individually so you mix and match to create your own set.

3) Babiators Navigator in Mango Tango - Durable sunnies that protect your child from the harsh Aussie sun! All Babiators also come with a 12 month guarantee.

4) Djeco Duo Puzzles - Our range of Djeco Duo puzzles are perfect for learning to match & count. With themes such as habitat, numbers & opposites, this is a fun way to introduce puzzles to your child.

5) Make Me Iconic Aussie Vehicles - These vehicles will provide endless hours of imaginative play and will make a wonderful addition to your child's play space. Designed to be quite large so that they are easy for little hands to 'drive' along

6) Djeco Trainimo Farm Pull-Along - Pull-along toys assist so much in your child's development. Problem solving skills will develop as your toddler learns to navigate the environment that they are pulling along the toy in. Animals can also be moved around the train and stacked.

7) Fat Brain Roll Again Tower - The ball tower includes 5 balls and your toddler will grab the ball from the base of the tower and instantly see all the other balls roll down to the next level. Drop the ball back into the funnel and watch the ball roll to the next spot. A unique mechanism that sends all the balls rolling at once!

8) Bedhead Hat Fish Toddler Bucket - Hats are an essential for every child. Bedhead hats have an anti-flop brim so they stay out of your child's eyes. Plus they have been tested to ensure they achieve a UPF50+ rating