Christmas Gift Guide - Back to School

🎄 Christmas Gift Guide - Back to School 🎄

If you follow the want, wear, need & read idea for Christmas presents, our range of Back to School products are a great idea for the 'need' category. Here is a selection of Back to School items you may want to pop under the tree

1) Insulated Drink Bottles - Designed to keep drinks cool all day, these are perfect for Summer. We currently have two sizes - 350ml & 500ml. More colours to be added to our 500ml range in December.

2) Little Lunchbox Co Lunchboxes - If you have a picky eater or cannot use plastic in your child's lunchbox the Bento boxes from Little Lunchbox Co are the perfect pick. Featuring either five, three or two compartments, you can arrange your child's lunch so that everything is neatly separated.

3) MontiiCo Insulated Food Jar in Blueberry - If you child loves the idea of hot meals for lunch, the food jar is the perfect addition to your lunchbox set up.

4) MontiiCo Rainbow Backpack - MontiiCo Backpacks have been made with high quality premium materials ensuring they will last. These beauties have been tested for complete durability and to hold everything your kid might need (plus extra room for more)!

5) Replay Snack Stacks - A perfect addition to your child's lunchbox. Each snack stack has two containers and 1 lid. Perfect for storing fruits, cheeses, veggies or chips.

6) Lunchpunch Roar Sandwich Cutter - If you want your child to get more excited about sandwiches then you need a sandwich. Each set contains two designs and will use the majority of the bread to ensure minimal wastage.

7) Whole Foods Lunchbox - Some of the features of the lunchbox include
Large compartment that can fit a whole sandwich
Flex whole fruit holder - meaning the lunchbox can store a whole apple as the stretchy seal will be flexible over the fruit.

8) MontiiCo Medium Lunch Bags - The perfect size to fit one of our Little Lunchbox Co Bentos or Mini Lunchboxes or Snackboxes. Keeps food cool all day and it lighter than our original lunchbag so easier for your child to carry.