Christmas Gift Guide - Adults

Christmas Gift guide Adults
🎄 Christmas Gift Guide - Adults 🎄

Whilst our primary focus in on babies, toddlers & young children, we have managed to curate a small collection of gift ideas perfect for teenagers and adults. If you are needing to buy gifts for a variety of age groups, we can offer so many wonderful ideas. Here is our selection of adult gifts

1) Little Renegade Co Floral Valentine Cap - A lovely floral design that is suited for all ages. Our maxi size caps are perfect for adults and are also adjustable.

2) We Might Be Tiny Keepie - We all have the best intentions to replace single-use products with more eco-friendly options. We Might be Tiny's Keepie will make this a thing of the past. A perfect gift for someone wanting to be more eco-friendly

3) Little Renegade Co Bondi Tote Bag - Our range of Tote Bags are versatile and are multi-purpose. Perfect for all of your everyday adventures! Plus the bottom of the bag can be unzipped to let our excess sand and crumbs through a mesh base, making it easy to keep clean

4) Candylab Harlequin - Candylab vehicles are lots of fun for both children & collectors alike. For the car fan, this makes a lovely display piece

5) Ay-Kasa Crates - Do you know someone who wants to get organised? Ay-kasa crates are a great solution and are available in a rainbow of colours!

6) MontiiCo Mega Coffee Cup in Chrome - A regular sized coffee just not cutting it? Time for a mega! Add some chocolates or other special treats inside the cup for an extra special gift.

7) MontiiCo Tote Bags in Boho Palms & Moss Green - The MontiiCo Insulated Tote bag is so versatile. The bag has thick insulated and zip closure keeping contents fresher and cooler for longer and the canvas handles are reinforced and double stitched - you can load your bag up

8) Djeco Monkey Art Puzzle - At 350 pieces this is a unique puzzle to put together as the puzzle is in the shape of a monkey with other illustrations. A fun puzzle to enjoy during a nice afternoon at home.