Ay-Kasa Midi Crates

Ay-Kasa Medium (Midi) Size Foldable Crates
Our range of Ay-Kasa Foldable Crates by Lillemor Lifestyle are a great solution for storing items in your office, toy room or bedroom. These can be used for toys, books, magazines and many more products. 
The Midi Size have exterior measurements of 40cm x 30cm x 14.5cm and an interior measurement of 37.6cm x 27.6cm x 14cm. The midi size crates have a folded measurement of 37.6cm x 27.6cm x 2.7cm (therefore only taking up 20% of its original space, making them easy to store). 
The possibilities with these crates are endless. Use them at your desk, in the study, playroom, nursery or bedroom to store items and keep them close by. Crates are also stackable (however, please ensure you do keep the safety of little ones in mind when deciding how many to stack). 

Ay-Kasa Crates are 100% eco-friendly as they are made from recycled materials. They are also super easy to clean as all panels are removable. 
You will have so much fun mixing & matching colours to create the perfect storage solutions to your space.