Things 4 Bubs featuring on Shark Tank Australia

Petit Bamboo Tops available from Scarlett Tippy Toes

Scarlett Tippy Toes is excited to announce that Things 4 Bubs will be featuring on Shark Tank Australia on Tuesday 17th July.

Things 4 Bubs CEO, Caroline Africh, will be battling the sharks as she presents the three innovative products that her company distributes within the Australian Market.

Scarlett Tippy Toes is a stockist of all three brands, so we would love to take his opportunity to go into a bit more depth about these products. We are expecting the popularity of these products to skyrocket after the airing of Shark Tank so this is a great opportunity to purchase as we are expecting stocks to be limited.

Chess Black Attipas as sold by Scarlett tippy Toes

Attipas – Scarlett Tippy Toes is one of the largest stockists of Attipas pre-walker and toddler shoes in Melbourne. Scarlett Tippy Toes owner-operator, Candice Farrugia, has appeared at several baby and toddler expos within Melbourne, including:

Essential Baby & Toddler Expo
One Fine Baby
Pregnancy, Baby & Toddler Expo (PBC)
Attipas are a functional pre-walker and toddler shoe that was developed after 7 years of research from Seoul University. Based on multiple tests of toddlers walking, Attipas shoes will ergonomically support their feet for their first steps and thereafter.

Sizing of Attipas goes up to 4 years of age so they can continue to be worn, even once your child is confident with their walking.  Attipas are a unique design to mimic barefoot walking. With five key benefits, Attipas are a Walking Science.
The five key benefits of Attipas:

  • Convenience - Strong, smooth, non-slip, machine washable (up to 40c), fast drying
  • Breathable – Superior, breathable fine holes release heat (International Patent)
  • Big Toe Box – Free Toe Movement to improve cognitive and motor development. The best benefits from Attipas are achieved when the child does not wear socks within the shoe, however socks can be worn if preferred (and for cooler weather this may be more comfortable)
  • Safety – Non use of hazardous materials and adhesives, no use of Formaldehyde. The sock part of the shoe is attached to the sole using a ‘dipping’ process.
  • Comfort – Super lightweight, just like wearing socks. You will honestly wish that they were made in adult sizes!

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Xander wears Petit Bamboo as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes

Baby Shusher – The dreaded question you will always get after you have a baby, not ‘when is the next one coming?’ but ‘how does he/she sleep?'
Using an item such as a Baby Shusher will help to establish a sleep routine so that bub will stick to the routine most of the time.
We have all been there! Trying to get baby down to sleep. Sleep promotes sleep and an overtired baby is no fun at all. Even one missed sleep during the day will lead to overtiredness and restless nights. Therefore it is important to set up a good routine and this is where the Baby Shusher can come in.
Based on my own experience, any products that employ the use of white noise should be introduced at an early age. This is to help baby make associations that the noise means that it is sleep/nap time.
When setting up a routine, consistency is key. There will be sometimes that it will be more difficult to get a baby to sleep. They may be going through a leap (see The Wonder Weeks) or the dreaded teething (we have something for that too - check out our One.Chew.Three Teethers!
The Baby Shusher uses a rhythmic ‘shush’ which is a similar sound to how baby would have heard the world from inside the womb. This type of sound has been proven to be a comfort to baby and therefore provides a positive association with sleep.
The Baby Shusher contains two timed options and volume control. You can use it in a quiet environment such as your house or put the volume up higher when you are out and about. It is a small & compact device so easy to carry with you and it runs off batteries, which are included because we know you will want to use it as soon as you receive it,
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Petit Bamboo as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes

Petit Bamboo – Lastly, we would like to introduce you to Petit Bamboo. A range of babywear made from a 95% bamboo blend. This bamboo is mechanically made and has a low environmental impact as only small amounts of water are required for the process.
The process of making these pieces of clothing is that bamboo plants are harvested and processed into fibre. This fibre is then spun into yarn and this is then woven into fabric.
The result? Clothing that is as soft as a cloud (or what you would imagine a cloud to feel like)!

Some of the key benefits of bamboo are that it is naturally hypoallergenic so there can be used on sensitive skin. Bamboo is also thermal regulating so it can therefore assist with regulating temperature which is difficult for some young babies to do on their own.

Petit Bamboo products make a wonderful Baby Shower or Newborn gift. They are also perfect if you would like to spoil your own little one.
Petit Bamboo products currently available from Scarlett Tippy Toes include long and short sleeve tops, harlem pants, wraps and sleeping bags. We look forward to expanding this range in the near future.


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So make sure you tune in to Shark Tank on Tuesday night to see Attipas, Baby Shusher & Petit Bamboo products in action. These are amazing products which are used in my own household by my children and I love that I am able to share these with you.

Please feel free to comment below or email me if you have any questions whatsoever about any of the above products!


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