Attipas Sizes still Available at Scarlett Tippy Toes

Candice Farrugia

Attipas Pink Forest as sold by Scarlett Tippy Toes
Just over three years ago, Scarlett Tippy Toes launched with our first product - Attipas pre-walker & toddler shoes.

As our business has grown and we have continued to curate a beautiful collection of products, we found that stocking Attipas was no longer aligned with our business. So we have reduced all Attipas styles to clear. Shop our Attipas Collection here

What are some of the features of Attipas Shoes?
The rubber sole contains breathable, fine holes which help to release heat. The design also features a wide toe box so that your child can move the front of their foot freely and this will aid in cognitive & motor development. 

The sole also non-slip and contains grips which allow your child to feel confident on their feet.

For children when learning to walk and beyond, it is best for them to be barefoot. This is best for development. However, we know there are some situations that this is not practical. Therefore Attipas is the next best option. 

By using a sock for the "top" part of the shoe, a lightweight & supportive shoe is created that encourages a barefoot walking style whilst still protecting little feet. 

In order to make it easier for you to know what styles we have left in each size, we have compiled a list (with links), to make your shopping experience a bit easier. Will will continue to update this on a regular basis, but please note that there might be some delays with updating so it is possible styles will sell out between updates. 

Please ensure before making your selection you use our Sizing Guide to determine the correct size for your child. Sizing can vary significantly between babies & toddlers that are the same age. 

Small - (US 3.5) - 10.8cm 

Medium - (US 4.5) - 11.5cm

Large - (US 5.5) - 12.5cm

Extra-Large - (US 6.5) - 13.5cm

XXL - (US 8) - 14.5cm
All Sold Out!

XXXL - (US 9) - 15.5cm
Take an additional 20% off the already reduced price of all Attipas shoes between now and Sunday 19th January, 2020 with the discount code ATTIPAS20 at the checkout

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